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If you are reading this page, chances are you have a beautiful new baby in your home or you are expecting. Either way, let me say congratulations! I’m Tammy Grueber, owner of Nickolson's Portrait Studio, as a Mom I have been right where you are now.   My  sons are old now, but I am still amazed by how quickly they have grown and mature.  I want to share with you the secret of how you can stop time and capture every stage of your baby’s all important first year of life. Because trust me … when your child is a teenager and telling you how things “ought to be”, you will cherish looking at those baby portraits.

For as long as the 9 months of pregnancy can feel, your baby’s first year will FLY BY faster than you can possibly imagine.


This is Where we come in!


Cloud 9 Baby Portraits will help you remember this once-in-a-lifetime stage in your baby’s life. With our Baby Steps Plan, you’ll be able to document all the important milestones in your baby’s entire first year.

With either Plan you can add a FREE BONUS FAMILY SESSION!! (usually done at 9 months)

Throughout the year we will expertly lead you through the process of having your baby photographed while we create images you will absolutely love!

The portraits we create of your baby will be the ones that never get put in a drawer or stashed away somewhere. These will be the timeless images that your family will love for a lifetime. You will glance at them every day and smile to yourself knowing that no matter how crazy your day gets, this … this you did right.

Only a portrait has this power to positively and instantly change the mood of your day! 

How Does the Baby Plan Work?

Each baby plan session is geared towards a different milestone (details below). The sessions can last from 45 minutes to an hour with plenty of time reserved in case of the unexpected. We encourage you to bring in props, stuffed animals and anything that has sentimental meaning to you. Prior to each session we will email and mail you out tips on preparing for that session. We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at the beginning! Of course we have a wide variety of items in our studio to use for each and every session. Between our collection and yours it is guaranteed that your baby’s portraits will be unique and beautiful!

Family and Sibling Portraits

You are welcome to add the entire family to a FREE BONUS session during the year. We strongly recommend doing this at around 9 months. Your baby will be sitting and standing and can interact with you or their siblings. We also find that at 9 months is when “stranger anxiety” can set in, so making your baby feel comfortable by being in the portraits with them helps to create a wonderful experience.

Siblings are also welcome at one of the sessions. If you aren’t doing a BONUS Family session, then 6 months or 1 year can be a nice option.


All the Fun Session Details


Owen-3months3 Month Session

Your baby is usually holding their head up at this milestone. Their attention span is rather limited as they are still getting hungry quickly and nap often. We usually only have a 30-45 minute window of “happy” time to work with. Prior to the session we will talk you through how to maximize this time!

We start the session by photographing your baby over the edge of our chaise lounge. This is wonderful because they don’t have to use their tummy muscles to fully push their heads up! This is photographed best in a diaper cover or a very simple outfit. Hats are cute! After this pose we will do a variety of others depending upon what your baby can do; holding their feet, pushing up from their tummy, we may shoot from straight above if they get tired, etc.

Our main advice at this session is to keep the clothing very simple and uncomplicated. No need to worry about shoes or socks!

Smiles are not always a guarantee at 3 months … but drool is! Be prepared with a bib.




Owen-6months6 Month Session

This is the sitting session. It is also a client and studio favorite! Most clients will choose their wall portrait from this session.

Your baby is more independent and will often smile and giggle at us. They love being the center of attention and since they are not yet mobile, they stay where we put them and play with whatever is around!

There are lots of options for this session. We have many themed props that we can incorporate to match a child’s nursery theme, favorite parent hobby or sport, etc. I’m talking everything from hats to tutus (have you seen my tutu wall?), bathtubs, benches, boxes, suit cases, bears, the list is endless.

This is also the best time for fun outfits. We recommend 2-3 outfit changes at this session. Again, no need for shoes or socks, let us see those cute baby toes!

If you have a baby girl, be sure to have bloomers to cover the diaper with any dresses.



If you are interested in our Family BONUS Session, then around the 9 month age is the perfect time.

At this point your baby is standing holding on to things, curious, engaging and LOVES to be surrounded by their family. In fact we often find it difficult to separate your baby from your arms or lap. This is their “stranger anxiety” phase, but no worries … we are always prepared and have many ways to ensure a wonderful portrait experience at this age.

We recommend the family choose coordinating colors with the baby’s outfit and that these colors work in your home.

If you would like to bring a change of clothes for individual images of your baby, we would love for you to do so!



Owen-12months12 Month Session

This is the big 1 year birthday celebration! Your baby is most likely standing and may even be walking. They learn so fast and are changing at a very rapid pace. We are ready for everything, walking, sitting, running, crawling – this session is probably the most unpredictable but the results are always amazing.

We will provide a cake and balloons in the colors of your choosing. Prior to their session we will mail you a color palette selection to give you ideas of what can be done.

Before we get all messy with the cake we will do standing/walking portraits of your baby. If you have shoes for this session be sure to put them on your baby and try standing/walking ahead of time.

Bring at least 3 outfits (walking/standing, balloons and cake). We will go through all of them and of course remember to bring a towel and change of clothes for the baby after the cake so you can take them home nice and clean.

Sadly this is also the last session in our plan. I can’t emphasize how fast this year will go by and then it is Baby Plan Graduation Day! No worries though, we have many other opportunities for your child to continue their portrait journey as a toddler in our studio.

What We Offer

Whatever your interest, if you appreciate fine portraiture, than we have something for you!

For members of our baby plan, we offer a wide variety of packages and a-la-carte options – wall portraits for your home, luxurious designer albums, gift portraits for family and friends and much more. Stop by our studio any day to see samples of everything we offer and talk with us about ways we can plan the perfect year worth of portraits for your family.

After each session you will come back for a viewing and ordering appointment in our state of the art projection room. On a 60″ flat screen you will view your baby’s portraits in a slide show and then work with your personal design consultant to select your favorite images to order. Not sure how an image will look on your wall? No problem. Our software allows you to send us an image of your home from your cell phone and then we can import it directly to the program and project your images on your wall! You can see the exact size as it would look in your home before you order it!


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